AHS Class of 1960 celebrates their 55th reunion at Anaconda Country Club

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Thirty of the 32 classmates who attended the AHS Class of 1960 55th reunion appear here at Anaconda Country Club. Look below for the names of all those who appear in the photo. PHOTO COPYRIGHT CS PHOTO

Last weekend, 32 classmates made the trip to Anaconda to celebrate the 55th reunion of Anaconda High School’s Class of 1960.

The reunion was held at Anaconda Country Club Friday and Saturday, July 17-18 highlighted by dinner and laughs both nights.

As a tradition for the class, after the class picture was taken balloons were released for every one of their classmates who have passed away.

Classmates included …

Front row: Don Hatcher, left, Cathy (Parks) Wuesthoff, Judy (Cornish) Rodgers, Judy (Tomlinson) Glassley, Marilou (Burgess) Bisch, Rosemarie (Matthews) Silzly, Nancy (Simpkins) Cass, Glenna (Rowsey) Waltee and Joy (MacDonald) Lake. Middle row: Buzzy Peterson, left, Jeanne (Ouldhouse) Frye, Charles Munro, Judi (Maxwell) Munro, Ron Sager, Dale Havens, Bonnie (Beck) McMorris, Virginia (Allen) Hatcher, Carol (Gustafson) Lang, Dorothy (Aspholm) Larson, Early Driggs and Larry Beausoleil. Back row: Jim Thompson, left, Karen (Pearson) Kirkby, Terry Fiest, Barry Huot, Jeff Wright, Bob Clark, Bill Martin, Pat (Hedeen) Jackson, Deanna (Bertech) Edgington.