Recipe 101: Kulaski details perfect pasties

Madilon Kulaski chimed in with an oldie but goodie to launch our Recipe 101: production. Below she explains the ingredients, portions and how to accomplish such a simple and tasty staple of our Anaconda roots and culture.images


Do large pasty pies, but not individual ones. Ones made in pie plates, like pies with pie crust and round steak cut into bite sized pieces – fat included – and NOT HAMBURGER!!!


1 large onion diced

10 medium potatoes diced

1 large round steak (10-12 oz) diced to your liking

2 pie crusts (top and bottom)

1 stick of butter


– Dice up 1 large onion, mix in with round steak and potatoes, then add salt and pepper generously tasting potato bits as it sits marinating in very large bowl. (Make mixture in the morning, then let marinate. Cook at night for best results).

– Make enough pie dough for 2 pies (you can also buy pie dough already made, but Madilon scoffed at that idea!!) put bottoms of crusts in plates then pour equal amounts of pasty mixture in both plates.

– Put 4 equal pieces of butter on top of mixture and put crust top on.

– Insert on the middle rack of preheated oven at 350 degrees for 90 minutes.

– Let stand for half hour before cutting and serving (YUM!)

Madilon notes: You can also use turnips instead of potatoes, but always use round steak, Enjoy!