Announcements…. are you listening?

This week, we are asking Anaconda Junior-Senior High School students if they are actually listening to the announcements or if they are tone deaf and tuning them out.

The reason why are asking this question is when we began thinking of ideas of why students weren’t attending local activities and sporting contests, we thought that information – which was being announced many times during the school week – may have not been being heard or listened too. We knew they were being announced weekly, so we starting asking if maybe there was another reason for the disconnect. Will students listen more if it were presented in a different way, using varying voices or possibly just delivered at a different time each day? We both agree the announcements contain pertinent information and have even tuned them out ourselves.


imageLogan Danforth, senior

A: No. Q: Would you listen more if students said them, or if it was delivered in a different tone? A: Yeah, probably, if it’s a little bit more exciting. I might pay more attention.

imageHailey Rasmussen, senior

A: Sometimes I listen, sometimes I tune them out. Usually I just listen to them if I’m expecting something, like a meeting and I need a reminder. But mostly I just tune them out until afterwards. Q: Would you listen more if students said them, or if it was delivered in a different tone? A: I might listen more if it weren’t just the same old, same old.

imageLauryn Stoppler, junior

A: Yes. Q: Would you listen more if students said them, or if it was delivered in a different tone? A: Yes, I would. They are kind of boring. Q: Do you just tune out? A: Sometimes I listen if it’s something I need to know, when it’s something that involves me. But usually I just kind of listen.

imageCheylyn Krumm, junior

A: Yes. They say things that are going on through the week, like this week they talked about Homecoming Royalty, then they do clubs and stuff like that. Q: Would you listen more if students said them, or if it was delivered in a different tone? A: I think they should make us laugh. We should have a really enthusiastic person do them.

imageCarlton Nelson, teacher

A: Yes. Q: Would you listen more if students said them, or if it was delivered in a different tone? A: Yes. Q: Is that all you want to say. A: Yes. (pause). I think that if students did the announcements, said funny things and made it interesting, I think kids would listen. Yesterday a student did the announcements and my classroom was dead silent because someone else was doing them.

(Editors note: Mr. Nelson is Jordyn’s father and made her really work to get a statement out of him).

FMMS girls hoopsters band together, donate hair for cancer patients


Lacey Knadler of Stylin’ Tease, back left, Kesslynn Trent, Madison King, Kora Kelly, Sydnie Thompson, Sami Johnson, Stylin’ Tease owner Tonya Kulaski, Aylissa Peterson, Bianca Torney, Cara DeMarois, front left, Madison Demarois and Kendel Derieux all display their new haircuts Saturday afternoon. COURTESY PHOTO


Ten Fred Moodry Middle School girls are wearing noticeably different hair styles this week following an act of giving rivaled by none.

Future Copperheads and sixth-grade basketball players showed an act of love and teamwork beyond the court last week when they all cut their hair to donate it for wigs for cancer patients.

The act was spurred by Kora Kelly, who cut her hair early last week in support of her mother, Kristi, a cancer survivor and coach of the girls’ basketball team.

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AHS Class of 1960 celebrates their 55th reunion at Anaconda Country Club

Class of 1960 website-newspaper

Thirty of the 32 classmates who attended the AHS Class of 1960 55th reunion appear here at Anaconda Country Club. Look below for the names of all those who appear in the photo. PHOTO COPYRIGHT CS PHOTO

Last weekend, 32 classmates made the trip to Anaconda to celebrate the 55th reunion of Anaconda High School’s Class of 1960.

The reunion was held at Anaconda Country Club Friday and Saturday, July 17-18 highlighted by dinner and laughs both nights.

As a tradition for the class, after the class picture was taken balloons were released for every one of their classmates who have passed away.

Classmates included …

Front row: Don Hatcher, left, Cathy (Parks) Wuesthoff, Judy (Cornish) Rodgers, Judy (Tomlinson) Glassley, Marilou (Burgess) Bisch, Rosemarie (Matthews) Silzly, Nancy (Simpkins) Cass, Glenna (Rowsey) Waltee and Joy (MacDonald) Lake. Middle row: Buzzy Peterson, left, Jeanne (Ouldhouse) Frye, Charles Munro, Judi (Maxwell) Munro, Ron Sager, Dale Havens, Bonnie (Beck) McMorris, Virginia (Allen) Hatcher, Carol (Gustafson) Lang, Dorothy (Aspholm) Larson, Early Driggs and Larry Beausoleil. Back row: Jim Thompson, left, Karen (Pearson) Kirkby, Terry Fiest, Barry Huot, Jeff Wright, Bob Clark, Bill Martin, Pat (Hedeen) Jackson, Deanna (Bertech) Edgington.

Anaconda High sends off 123rd graduating class of 2015 Sunday


Lt. Gov. Angela McLean addresses the 2015 graduating class of Anaconda High School Sunday, June 7, at Memorial Gymnasium. PHOTO COPYRIGHT CS PHOTO



A near capacity Memorial Gymnasium was the site of the Anaconda High School Class of 2015 graduation ceremony Sunday, June 7. It was the 123rd graduating class of AHS and one of the smallest as well, seeing only 82 students receive diplomas.

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Anaconda High School 123rd graduation commencement live on KANA 580 AM


On Sunday, just because you can’t be present for graduation doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the ceremony. And it just so happens one of the most influential women in Montana will deliver the commencement address.

For the first time in Anaconda High School history, their graduation procession will be covered live on KANA 580 AM and

The event is scheduled for 6 p.m. at Memorial Gymnasium and will be covered in its entirety.

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Anaconda Theatre Project presents Tar Heel Tales

The Anaconda Theatre Project, in conjunction with the Copper Village Museum and Arts Center, presents Tar Heel Tales Saturday, May 9 at the Anaconda Little Theatre. The production starts at 2 p.m. and admission is free.

According to the release, Tar Heel Tales is great for kids ages 5-and-up and presents five folk tales from the mountains of North Carolina.

For more information about the event or how to become more involved in The Anaconda Theatre Project, contact Suzanne Konicek at 533-5269 or

Below is a PSA two actresses in the play recorded to run on KANA 580 promoting the event.


PTA set for popular BINGO! event

The Anaconda PTA will roll out the daubers once again when they host their popular Bingo Night event on Friday, May 8 at the Anaconda Elks.

According to their Facebook page, there will be eight bingo games, including some special games like ladies only, men only, teacher only along with some other games, a 50/50 raffle, silent auction, live auction and wine pull. There will also be a $$ cupcake sale of Amy’s Cakes that has dollar bills hidden in the cupcakes. In addition there is a live auction raffle, the winner will get to pick any live auction item. Only 50 tickets will be sold for the Live Auction Raffle.

All proceeds go to helping the schools in Anaconda.

Below is a radio ad hosted on KANA 580 to promote the event.


Anaconda’s Tony ‘Laz’ passes away after courageous fight against cancer


Tony Laslovich jokes with Anaconda-Deer Lodge County policemen before a football game at Mitchell Stadium in 2008. PHOTO COPYRIGHT CS PHOTO


Anaconda has a heavy heart today after learning Tony Laslovich, a community icon, family man, mentor and friend, lost his courageous battle with cancer on Sunday. He was 57 years old.

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