S&N Concrete wins first half of ACC Men’s League

In the final week of the first half of league, leaders S&N Concrete dropped their team match-up by a score of 21-19. It didn’t matter, however, as they still won the first half of league by 5.5 points over Carmel’s Sports Bar.

Richie Potvin led S&N with a 6.5 point win, followed by Wade Johnson, who won his match 6-4. Brian Robbins of S&N shot 39, but it wasn’t enough to beat James Van Vynck, who won the match 6.5-3.5 with a round of 37.

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S&N Concrete takes commanding league lead

A 27.5-point week, on the heels of a 30.5-point performance last week, pushed S&N Concrete ahead of Carmel’s Sports Bar at the ACC Men’s League.

The 121.5 total points gave them a 9.5-point advantage on Carmel’s, who scored just 16.5 on Tuesday, with one week to play. Carmel’s held on to second place by half a point over ACC Pro Shop.

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Carmel’s Sports Bar fights off ACC Pro Shop in league championship


Pat Huber, Jim “Bird” Solan, Sean Schulte, Jerry Arneson and Roger Walker of Carmel’s Sports Bar won the 2015 ACC Men’s League championship 22-18 over ACC Pro Shop. PHOTO COPYRIGHT CS PHOTO

The stage was set for two champions to clash Tuesday night at the Anaconda Country Club. Carmel’s Sports Bar, winners of the first half of the season, faced off against second-half champion ACC Pro Shop to decide the league.

In one of the closest battles of the night, Carmel’s Sports Bar stole the crown with a 21-19 victory. The two foursomes were both separated by just a single point.

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Thompson named ACC Club Champion after 17-year hiatus


2015 ACC Men’s Club Champion Gary Thompson


The year 1997 may have left a bad taste in Gary Thompson’s mouth. That was the last appearance he made in the Anaconda Country Club’s men’s championship. He had won four of the previous six tournaments, a club record at the time, and appeared to be on his way to a fifth.

But Wade Johnson interfered, taking the crown away from Thompson. The man who had dominated the tournament then disappeared, taking a 17 year break from becoming an ACC member and competing in the Club Championship. This year, he re-joined the club and has played the course on occasion. He was persuaded to join the 79-man field very late, becoming the last addition to the tournament roster. It’s a good thing he did.

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ACC Pro Shop completes comeback, takes home men’s league second half

As the Anaconda Country Club’s men’s league entered it’s final week, it was a two-horse race. KANA 580/CS Photo had led for the majority of the second half and looked poised bounce back from a near miss during the first half of the season. ACC Pro Shop lurked points behind, patiently waiting to pounce.

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Donahue keeps KANA 580 ahead entering final week of ACC League

Cory Donahue won the low gross honors yet again Tuesday night and helped keep KANA 580/CS Photo 2.5 points ahead at the ACC Men’s League with one week to play.

Donahue’s card was all 4’s as he shot a 1-over round of 36. KANA also received help from Cory and Chris Crawshaw, who earned 8 points each as the total climbed to 124.

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