Numbers from weekend broadcast are in, and they’re remarkable



This past weekend, our Anaconda Copperheads made a nearly historic run through the Class B state tournament ending in a heartbreaking 54-51 loss to Malta in the championship game Saturday night at Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark in Billings.

The numbers are in and they are remarkable.

Overall, the traffic on the Web site recorded 2,182 sessions including 1,524 unique users logging in from individual IP addresses associated with their device – mobile, tablet or desktop.

Also, we’ve had 176 installs of our live streaming app available on Google Play and Apple. Android devices led with 104 installs while Apple had 72. Because our app provider doesn’t have analytics set up for individual sessions, those numbers aren’t readily available.

But what is traceable is how people logged on to the website. In-app Safari  (apple iOS) led the total with 614 users (28.1 percent) followed by Safari desktop users with 498 (22.8) and Google Chrome with 493 (11.87) users.

It’s not shocking to find mobile users dominated the broadcasts, checking in at 65.77 percent while desktop (26.26 pct) and tablets (7.97 pct) also logged numbers.

Of the 2,182 sessions that were recorded, 2,164 were recorded in the United States. Outside the United States, Mexico had five listeners (including Stephen Connor and Mr. John Stevenson who sent me texts during the broadcasts), three in the UK (Rich and Nicole Green were logged on), three in Germany (Miles Bouck in Queidersbach was listening throughout the tournament) and two in Japan (more than likely big Copperhead supporters Brett Thompson and family).

Stateside, Montana recorded 1,208 sessions followed by Utah with 353 and Washington with 99. In Montana, the biggest collection was in Anaconda with 374 followed by Missoula with 233, Butte with 151 and Helena with 103. What I find remarkable is Anaconda had that many users on top of what we know was a huge AM radio contingent. In Utah, Salt Lake dominated the listening audience with 86.69 percent of the traffic.

And that’s not including the streaming video numbers from the MHSA and NFHS broadcasts. Those numbers weren’t immediately available, but from the amount of selfies I saw on social media posing with family and vintage Copperhead apparel next to the video broadcast was remarkable.

With these numbers combined with the thousands of fans who traveled to Billings to support the team in person, it’s easy to surmise these boys wearing the Blue and Silver collectively lifted up a hometown and community and brought us all together for a special weekend. To me, it shows even if you’ve had to move away from Anaconda for one reason or another the community is still close to your heart.

I couldn’t be prouder of our Copperhead sponsors at KANA including our parent company AWARE Inc. for making these broadcasts possible. It’s proof positive local radio stations are the lifeline to community involvement.

I’ve always said “Once a Copperhead, always a Copperhead.” Last weekend proved that sentiment is more relevant than ever before. No place, second place or championship doesn’t matter to me; what does matter is having the support of a community when it comes to our student athletes.

If you’d like to drop us a line about where you listened from, send it to me at